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In my last blog, I shared how the commercial real estate broker is the ultimate example of the new YouEconomy, a term used to describe the power of individuals offering their services to the market. The platform consisted not of employees, but independent contractors, moonlighters, temp workers, diversified workers and micro-entrepreneurs.

I shared how we all work within the YouEconomy, both as independent contractors for our firms, as well as relying on accountants, attorneys, doctors and our dry cleaners to get us through the work day; and baby sitters, house cleaners and landscapers to ease our time at home. All these are examples of the YouEconomy. However, we don’t need to physically meet with everyone to get a task or project completed. There are an array of virtual assistant platforms that are proven to provide expertise in a wide range of service offerings.

3 Virtual Assistant Platforms for CRE

1) Upwork

Upwork, without a doubt, is my favorite. This is the consolidation and rebranding of Elance and oDesk. This platform claims to be the world’s largest for connecting freelance workers to jobs. I have found success with researchers (validating emails, contact records and cleaning up my database), designers (for my book covers, and even Prezi presentations) and travel consultants – for managing my travel.

2) Fiverr

Similar to Upwork, we used fiverr for finding a design consultant. Someone who could provide us with video expertise and video design, however you can certainly find folks to provide a variety of professional services.

3) Task Rabbit

The name says it all. Errands, pickup and delivery, shopping, etc. Don’t make a mistake of thinking these are everyday tasks we should simply do ourselves. Figure out how much you make an hour working and how many hours you do tasks that take you away from work, or worse, your family.

There are many other virtual assistant platforms, but these are my favorites. However, there are certain rules that apply when working with a VA, which I will address in my next blog.

Q: Have you used any of these platforms? How was your experience working with a virtual assistant?

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