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What is this?

Most water utilities, including WSSC now have a Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) permitting program that is strictly enforced on all food related establishments. Who would that be you ask? Well, grocery stores, restaurants, hotel kitchens and even church kitchens are just some of the establishments that discharge grease laden water and therefore subject to this fee. This fee is for any and all Food Service Establishments (FSEs) who are required to have Grease Abatement Devices.

How do They Do It?

Last year WSSC increased the primary Annual FOG Discharge Fee to $537 annually. WSSC has dedictaed full time inspectors just for FOG. WSSC inspectors go onsite to inspect each tenant’s grease trap and related equipment to make sure it’s operating properly. I have seen theses inspectors in action. They are full time employees who do this year round. WSSC would prefer not to have any grease get into the water system. The motto is “Can it, cool it, toss it! ” Can the Grease video by WSSC goes into detail. WSSC sends the bill for the FOG charge directly to the property account holder. For property managers who bill tenants their water separately, it’s important to be on alert for these bills because they come only once per year and often can be overlooked.

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