Buildout Syndication

To begin using Buildout please follow the below steps so you may syndicate your listings to the theBrokerList.

Before you begin to implement syndication you must have already completed your profile set up on Once you have completed the profile set up on theBrokerList, remain logged in, visit Buildout and begin following the below syndication process.


You can connect your account at  This is also accessible by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner, selecting “Profile” in the dropdown menu, then clicking “Syndication” on the left menu.   Then under Available Channels, find theBrokerList and click “Connect Account”.


Administrators can find users’ profiles under Account / Manage Company on the Users tab.

Editing the profile
Once you locate the profile you’re working with, you go to the syndication tab and you can find theBrokerList. If you are already a member of theBrokerList and you are logged into theBrokerList, you can click Connect Account.

*If you are NOT a member yet, click Sign up here and set up your account first. Once your account is set up, return to the Buildout Syndication menu and click Connect Account.

If you are an Administrator for multiple brokers and wish to set them all up, simply visit this page and sign up for our upload service to give us permission to do the upload for you or to receive our upload template.

Bulk Submission of Brokers

Questions, comments, or help, please call (312-212-3611), tweet (@theBrokerList) or email us ([email protected]) or check out the below video and FAQ. 

Video of the syndication process.


Buildout FAQ

Q. My listing is syndicating but there are no images displaying.

A. There is a checkbox next to each image you add to Buildout. If you want to syndicate those images along with your listing you must agree that you are not using copyrighted images. This is to protect us from a copyright infringement lawsuit and puts the responsibility on you.  

Q. My listing is not syndicating but I see I am connected to theBrokerList through the syndication panel.

A. Check that your listing is not expired. If it is expired change the date and syndicate the listing again.  

Q. My listing is not updating new changes I have made but I see I am connected 

A. Please reach out to us and provide the URL of the listing on theBrokerList and we will reach out to the support team at Buildout and work to resolve the issue.  

Q. My listings are syndicated but when I delete them in Buildout they are not deleted here.

A. Taking a listing off market is the intended way for properties to be removed. If a customer stops syndication they’ll need to first re-enable it, then take it off market, then disable syndication once again.  

Q. My listings are syndicated and I want to show them as closed Transactions on theBrokerList. If I do that and delete them in Buildout, will they still remain on theBrokerList as a Transaction?

A. Yes, once you save and convert a HAVE to a SOLD or LEASED Transaction it will not impact your Buildout account.  

Q. I have syndicated my listings but do not see them yet? How long should it take to syndicate?

A. Depending on network traffic it should take from a minute to several minutes. Also, be sure you refresh your browser to insure the page you are viewing is refreshed.