Thanks to Adam Luysterborghs of AVANT Capital Partners for providing this post.

~Adam Luysterborghs of AVANT Capital Partners

Okay, so you don’t believe the CRE industry is embracing video?  Well, we think differently.  Adam Luysterborghs, the Managing Principal of AVANT Capital Partners, is the face and direction of today’s commercial real estate lending professional! It’s challenging these days to effectively communicate lending parameters as they change over time but Adam’s attitude is “Why not just tell folks yourself!”

In a series of YouTube videos, Adam is promoting updates about bridge loan pricing, geared toward commercial real estate folks. Why is that meaningful? Well it tells us that people are grabbing the low-hanging fruit of getting their message out there. Banking is not exactly the picture of exciting video, when you think about YouTube, but it is a powerful and low cost way to be found and heard. Let’s face it, people like to watch video, hear people speak and see real-live human beings tell a story or send a message.

Adam sees the power of target marketing as well. Adam found out about theBrokerList site and jumped on board with a tremendous enthusiasm. Adam wants to educate and mingle with the target market audience he wants to do business with. By positioning his firm to capture the low-hanging fruit, Adam is doing just that!

In this short video that Adam posted on YouTube, he is giving AVANT Capital Partners exposure to people and markets that would take years to cultivate and build relationships with. Now that the power of video is literally in the palm of all of our hands (iPhone, smartphone, etc.) video is attainable and fairly easy to use.

Adam is proving that Bridge Lending can be more than your run-of-the-mill, dry financial topic! Avant Capital Partners is pleased to announce lower pricing for bridge loans secured by commercial properties with in-place cash flow. 

Check out Adam’s YouTube channel — click here to learn more:

Call Adam at 203-612-9580 to discuss specific loan requests.


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