Easy to remember URL too!

Did you know that we have made the URL for each member super easy to remember? The other advantage is that your  name is much easier to find via Google Search too! The hyphens are a tool that help to separate the names and make them easier to find and that is how we roll. Our goal is to use these simple concepts so our members have a better chance of being found in search!

What does that mean to you? For instance, if you wish to find somebody really fast or if you wish to use your URL to promote your digital profile and all links leading back to yourself, simply remember, for example FirstName-LastName:

Link LeGrand is simply:


Our naming convention is firstname-lastname.

Now, if you wish to use your HAVE or WANT posts as an RSS feed for blogs or other virtual networking sites you belong to, just remember:

 Subscribe to Michael Hironimus HAVE posts:


 Subscribe to Rob Platt WANT posts:

So if you can remember these naming conventions, it is super easy. Each name is FirstName hyphen LastName (FNAME-LNAME) and that is easy to remember. Now think about the HAVES or WANTS and if you wish to follow or subscribe to a user and their posts just remember to add the

HAVES/ or WANTS/ in front of their name and end it with .RSS.

It takes a little practice, but it is really easy to use. If you have a blog or website it is a great way to keep your readers or followers up to date on your posts with little effort. Now if you want to follow your entire company and the HAVE or WANT posts of the entire team, you do have to remember the exact name and the number associated with your firm. Once you are familiar with that name, you can also add those posts to your company website or blogs! The difference is that the company name will have HAVES/b/ or WANTS/b/ then the firm URL name with a hypen  and number. It is a little harder to remember, but still not something you need to memorize either.

Roberts Commercial HAVES for instance or substitute WANTS if you wish the entire company WANTS displayed:


Questions or suggestions or help, just call us at 312.212.3611 or email us at [email protected] Practice and use these powerful tools to get folks to subscribe to your posts!


~theBrokerList Team

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