In the previous video, Finding Your Next Big Deal Using Your Network, Andrew Bermudez, CEO and Co-Founder of Digsy AI, shows how he identifies connections between himself and sales leads, then gets referred to them using his social network. In this video, he shows how to easily get sales referrals from these connections in order to close more deals!

Once you find the person within your social network who can connect you with the prospect, how do you ask them for a referral?

The two most effective means of communication are email and phone calls. In this case, you will want to use these two methods for different reasons.

You will want to use email only if you know this connection well, and they are well aware of the product or service you offer. If you are emailing them, they should already feel comfortable giving you a referral. When sending your email, be sure to reignite rapport. Include your sales angle and make it easy for your connection to forward your email as the introduction.

Calling a connection is more appropriate when you need to build a bit of rapport with this person and make them feel more comfortable with your product or service and giving you an introduction or referral. In your call, first reignite rapport by catching up with their life and business, then describe why you are calling with your sales angle, and let them know you will send them an email they can easily forward to the connection as the introduction.

It’s important to remember that mutual contacts won’t want to give you an introduction unless you can provide real value to their network. They won’t want to dilute their social capital and risk losing credibility by giving a bad referral.

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