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Drone Photography for CRE
Drone photography is making aerial photos a viable option for real estate marketing by providing aerial photos in a more affordable and timely manner. I have previously discussed the feasibility of drone photography for CRE marketing. I’ve also provided a list of reasons a commercial real estate firm should hire a professional to take drone photographs.

In this part of the drone photography series, I have provided five examples of how to use drone photography to attract the attention of listing prospects.

1. Show the Bigger Picture

Traditional property photos taken from the street have their place. However, drone aerials provide a bigger picture of the property and surrounding area. The drone perspective reduces obstructions from trees or other buildings that you have when photographing from the ground.

2. Improve the View of Property Boundaries

Drone aerials can provide a three-dimensional understanding of the property boundaries you wouldn’t appreciate with a fuzzy satellite image from the property appraiser’s website. A drone aerial can paint a better picture of the beauty of a property while providing the boundary information.

drone photography for CRE boundary lines drone photography for CRE boundary lines

3. Showcase Nearby Amenities

Aerial photographs or videography can showcase nearby features of a property, such as a community park, in a way that text can’t. For example, a photograph of the waterfront next to a listing catches attention faster than stating that the property is on the waterfront in the written description.

4. Move to the Next Level of Trade Maps

In addition to being more appealing to the eye, three dimensional trade maps using aerials rather than satellite photos can offer more information than a flat map. For example, an aerial trade map can show sight lines of a cityscape, walkability of an area, physical appearances of competitor buildings, and more.

drone photography for CRE trade maps drone photography for CRE trade map

5. Improve Traffic Visualization

AADT numbers can give a broad understanding of the visibility of a property but a drone video of the traffic surrounding a property during rush hour can reinforce how visible a property really is. Furthermore, videos of foot traffic can show the pedestrian visibility which is hard to find data for.

It is your turn to be creative. Share with me how you plan to use drone photography for CRE and market your real estate listings.

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