Dos and Donts of Online Marketing for Commercial Real EstateEveryday we see so many of our members with some awesome Dos and we also see members with some terrible Don’ts. It is so hard to point the finger at the Don’ts as it is not our intent to embarrass anyone, but we love to point out the Dos and showcase the positive as often as possible. Overall, when we see an outstanding member of tBL, we want to shout it from the rooftops and give those users as much as exposure as we can. You all know who you are because we are huge fans of your hard work and your dedication to excellence! Thank you for your incredible and tireless work to make our industry shine! Here are our Dos and Don’ts of online marketing for commercial real estate professionals using our site.


1. Add your image on your profile.
Broker Profiles with Images
2. Complete your profile with details such as geographic focus area, property expertise and why someone should hire you or send you a referral.
3. Include links to all of the social media you utilize, especially Twitter, Linkedin, Blogs, etc.
4. Make sure your company profile page is complete. Include the company logo, background on the company and all of the social media and links to your company website, blog, etc.
Haves Wants Transactions
5. When you obtain a new listing, add that as a HAVE to theBrokerList or if you are working with a syndication partner, grab your API key and use it.
6. When you obtain a client requirement to fill, add that as a WANT on theBrokerList.
7. When you close a deal, whether SOLD or LEASED, give yourself, the other side of the deal and your clients a plug and add that completed deal as a TRANSACTION.
8. Promote your HAVES, WANTS and TRANSACTIONS via social media, including sharing it to our theBrokerList Linkedin Group. Linkedin gets conversations going so share those posts to our group.
Social Media Share Toolbar
9. Share our site with colleagues in your market. Get those folks organized by using a free site that levels the playing field. Everyone in your market can share HAVES, WANTS and TRANSACTIONS to save time and research.
10.If you belong to a local CCIM Chapter or any other commercial real estate organization, add your affiliation to your profile. If your organization is not shown in our list, simply send us an email and we will add them.


1. No image on your profile.
2. No logo on company profile page.
3. Blank profile, no keywords, no focus area, no property type, no industry segment selected.
4. Leaving your company profile page empty.
5. No posts, which show no activity on your profile. If you are a tenant representative, show closed deals by adding them as HAVES and LEASED! Ask us how.
6. Failing to post WANTS when you have a client requirement. Client has a need, get the word out.
7. Not promoting your SOLD or LEASED properties. Celebrate your accomplishments and brag about your hard work.
8. Failing to use social media to promote yourself, your company or any of your listings or closed transactions or blog posts.
9. Keeping theBrokerList quiet and not letting colleagues in your market know to use the site. Remember, the more your local brokers colleagues use the site, the more the site will do heavy-lifting for all of you.
10.Failing to indicate your affiliation with your local, national or regional commercial real estate organizations. If you are a CCIM or SIOR, you should display that on your profile.

So as you can see, if you follow the Dos, there are not any Don’ts. Pretty easy and common sense too! Our entire industry is about marketing and sales.

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