If you are coming to Las Vegas, there are 2 don’t miss ICSC RECon 2018 events, you just do not want to miss!

Ironically, one event is the kick off to ICSC RECon and the other is the wrap up event.

Let’s Get Social 2018 (3rd Year)

Let's Get Social 2018 Vegas CRE Team Buys 1st Drink

Let’s Get Social 2018 Vegas CRE Team Buys 1st Drink

For the early birds, join us for Let’s Get Social 2018! What is it? It is the once a year opportunity to meet so many social media colleagues that you chat with, tweet with and share stuff on Linkedin with! Yes, we all gather in one room and try to meet as many of our social media pals as possible. This year we have a local brokerage team, Vegas CRE Team, made up of Natalie Wainwright and Dan Palmeri who have offered to buy everyone’s first drink! It is a big Las Vegas welcome for our wonderful meet up attendees! Also, David Perlmutter is always a softie for a free drink as well as so many others! Let’s turn our virtual tweeps into a real life friend, so please plan to join us. The amazing name badges, designed by the talented Lindsey Imperatore of The News Funnel, are being printed so get registered before May 10th to insure you have a name badge! This year the hosts of Let’s Get Social 2018 include:



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Let's Get Smart 2018

Sign up to get your name on a burger like this!

Let’s Get Smart 2018 (2nd Year)

Now Let’s Get Smart was conceived out of frustration of a bunch of long time ICSC attendees who said Wednesday is a bust. Nobody is around and everybody clears out early. We have to make Wednesday great again! So David Perlmutter, founder of QuantumListing and Perlmutter Properties joined forces with his booth mates and started this wonderful activity for a dull Wednesday at ICSC RECon. The event includes networking, great speakers and the most important part: In-N-Out Burgers! If you want to dine on these fine burgers, sign up and put your name on a burger now! Check out the amazing speaker line up too!





Jean Maday, NAR

Julie Augustyn, Foundry Commercial

Ewa Baska, Buildout

Linda Day Harrison, theBrokerList

Kateri Osborne, CRE Tech

Andrew Bermudez, Digsy.AI

Mike McClure, Ad Art Sign

Carlos Baudett, ICSC

Alison McGuire, Walc


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