You may recall we spoke about the importance of RFPs (Why Do Tenant Rep Brokers Ask So Many Questions?) recently and we have also written about the top mistakes that tenants make (Top 5 Mistakes #CRE Tenants Make at Renewal). One such mistake we see often is that tenants do not check the RFP against the final lease. A good agent will do this for you automatically. Many agents will affectionately tell you that they are cowboys – their duty is to find you the best space, but once they do that, they are gone. You look around and you are left not truly knowing what everything means, and then you have got all this information but no idea how to compare it.

If your agent is a “cowboy,” make sure you also hire an attorney who can make the comparisons for you. Or better yet, fire your cowboy and find a true tenant representative who will look out for you through thick and thin, and will not abandon you once the space is found. Otherwise, you might find yourself between a rock and a hard place – or as we like to say, between an RFP and a lease.

Source: Compass Commerical Blog

Photo Credit: “Western Boots And Spurs” by Gualberto107

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