Janitorial is one of the items where we see a wide gap in what landlords provide. Some provide it and some do not. Some will come in once a week and some will come in every day. I was working with a nonprofit and got them cleaning services with their lease. They thought I was brilliant. All I did was ask. This saved them about $1.00/s.f./year.

One landlord in the Detroit area starting putting in their full service leases that they will not include the cleaning during the free rent period. I am thinking surely this is a mistake. Nope, the landlord figured people were not reading the RFPs (which is sadly often the case), and was getting away with it.

When you are comparing locations, make sure you compare apples-to-apples because bananas and apples only mix well in salad.

Source: Compass Commercial Blog

Photo Credit: “A Dustpan And Brush” by Grant Cochrane

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