New questions come up every day for all of us and this one in particular is something I am compelled to write about. Why? Because I recall asking this question myself and not understanding the difference as far back as over 7 years ago and I get this question quite often.

Today I am able to give my take on what the difference is between a website and a blog, and give a break-down so you can really understand and compare and contrast the terminology for your own reference and clarity. ~Linda Day Harrison, CPM, CCIM

1. Website

Website is a term for an online presence and is generic. A website can be anything.

2. Blog

Blog is a term used to describe a component of a website or it can be a separate website that provides ever-changing content, and content can change as often as the owner of the blog wishes. A blog can be anything at all. Written words, pictures, video, or audio.

3. Hybrid Website and Blog

Hybird website and blog, can be a company online presence with a blog component. There can be pages on the site or complex interactive components, as well as an ever-changing post or blog that is created on a regular basis. I call the actual content added a blog post.

Decisions, decisions!

To decide what you want or need, website, blog, or hybrid is really not relevant any longer as the lines of these terms is so blurred. A company should have both or be able to accommodate both within their site framework! A company should have an online presence, which would be a website, but within the site, there should be fresh content that changes and it can be a certain section or page that is dedicated to that ever-changing content.

What’s in a name?

Generally people will label it blog or news or updates, but no matter what you put in each [blog] post, it should change frequently. To have a website without fresh, ever-changing content is not ideal. That is my opinion for our industry. I think having a blog component gives your company, your people and your properties a way to share content and be found online.

Creating Content

You can also combine News + Blog and have a mix of press releases as blog posts, coupled with content your team members create. I think that makes for a nice blend and becomes your company newsletter, press release hub and new business outreach tool all in a one-stop shop. So if you post a press release on your blog, you can now promote it and share it easily and have your team help to share it via their Linkedin Groups, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. In other words, everybody with a stake in your company can help!

RSS Feeds / Company Content

Commercial Main N State   Your corner newstand on commercial real estate

Also, the content your team members generate at other sites, like should also be displayed on your own website and blog! Every opportunity you can take to pull your content back to your site is huge and helps give your team as much exposure as possible, especially to each other. I will never forget a conversation I had with a broker who said they made a deal with a broker in their own company because they saw it on their company website. In other words, pull your aggregated content back to your site in different views and in different places using RSS feeds, widgets, etc. to help give your entire organization more eyeballs.

Stasiu Geleszinski  Cincinnati  OH

Company News Pages

Of course, all sites should include RSS feeds that pull in content from other sites, as well as a Company Page from The News Funnel. For instance, although you generate your content and display it, you should then contribute and syndicate that content using The News Funnel.

What is your opinion? Do you have both a website and a blog, just a website or a hybrid? Do you encourage your team to share your company content?

Photo credit: “Internet Marketing Confusion Meter” by Stuart Miles

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