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Demolition of the Pensacola Old Silver Screen Theater building, located at 7280 Plantation Blvd., began and ended in less than a week in late September.

On August 1, New Orleans-based equity investment group Five R Investments, LLC announced their purchase of the Silver Screen complex, located at 7280 Plantation Road, as well as the adjoining four-story One University Plaza office building. Five R plans to convert the Silver Screen building into office and medical space, creating a single large office complex.

Thanks to the visionaries at Five R Investments, the buildings at 7282 Planation Rd (Plaza 1) & 7280 Plantation (Plaza 2) are going through a major revitalization. The improvements began last month, and we still have a lot to look forward to before the final product is complete in Spring 2017.

Watch this drone video of the I-10/110 Plaza, including the newly demo’d lot where Plaza 2 will be built:

We’re excited to announce the future improvements coming to the Plaza:

-Driveway to the back parking lot of about 250 parking spots

-Another 20-25 parking spots in that driveway

-Landscaped courtyard where tenants will be able to sit outside.

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