The contacts in your Digsy AI account are yours.  You should be able to take any action that you want in the most efficient way possible.

Our philosophy here at Digsy AI is to take every measure to save you time and effort throughout your day.  

That’s why we’ve given you the ability to effortlessly select all your contacts in a stage and take action.  

With the Select All feature, you can:

  • Send a mass email
  • Tag all your contacts
  • Move all your contacts to another stage

… all with just a couple clicks. You even have the option to only select all the contacts within a page, which is the “Select All in View” option

Here are a few ways to use Digsy AI’s Select All Feature:

Send a Mass Email

  1. Click the drop down right above NAME  and hit “Select All in [stage name]”
  2. If you’re email is integrated, the Send E-mail button will populate
  3. Once you click Send E-mail, you can select template or type a new email

Tag All your Contacts

  1. Click the drop down right above NAME and hit “Select All in [stage name]”
  2. Click ADD TAGS
  3. Type to create a new tag or select an existing tag to group your contacts

Move All Your Contacts within a Stage

  1. Click the drop down right above NAME and hit “Select All in [stage name]”
  2.  Click the Choose One… Dropdown
  3.  Select the stage you’d like to move your contacts to

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