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*For reference, the national baseline Personal Crime Index is 100. This site measures more than 9 times higher than the national average.

Sometimes, it’s what you can’t see at a site that can become a problem, and that’s where Location Intelligence comes in.


So does a high crime rate necessarily mean you should rule this site out? Absolutely not.

Does it mean you should take the high crime rate into consideration when planning and budgeting? Absolutely.


Will your customers feel safe visiting your location? Will their cars get broken into while they are inside your business? Do your employees feel safe walking to their cars after dark? Will you have to hire an on-site security guard? These are all valid and important considerations.

The good news is Location Intelligence is not just a great tool for identifying potential high-crime areas, it’s also part of the solution. For example, several cities across the country are utilizing location-based tools to address crimes in near real-time. Las Vegas and Kansas City use the ShotSpotter system to rapidly respond to outdoor gunshots. The system uses a sophisticated network of acoustic sensors to identify, triangulate, and map gunshots on a mobile GIS platform, drastically reducing police response time and helping to solve crimes. See it in action below:

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