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Although people have reported horror stories of being scammed on Craig’s List, with more than 60,000 daily users on the site, it still provides incredible opportunities. Therefore, if you are looking for unique ways to advertise your real estate business, Craig’s List offers an effective solution.

For Craig’s List to be an effective advertising and marketing tool for your real estate ventures, it is imperative that you implement techniques correctly. This particular website has a close resemblance to more conventional classified advertising in that people run a basic ad that includes no call to action, or one that is subpar. Because buyers and sellers will not contact you directly, you need a proactive strategy.

As an example, you will have no problem finding multiple real estate listings that include information about features and benefits, and in some cases, a property search tool or website link. The problem when advertising and marketing your real estate business this way is that it is no different from what 95 percent of the population does. That means your Craig’s List ad is ineffective and is not likely to generate action.

To create an effective real estate ad on Craig’s List, you have to focus on capturing leads as opposed to just advertising your services and homes within a massive marketplace. Although the concept is simply, surprisingly, a large number of professionals in the real estate business continue to use archaic strategies to generate viable leads.

To make your real estate ads on Craig’s List effective instead of ineffective, consider some of the following suggestions.

  • Enticing Headline—You need a headline that grabs the attention of interested parties—something unique, enticing, and compelling so that people take action by clicking on your particular ad.

  • Banner Ad or Image—Another way to effectively advertise on Craig’s List is by using a banner ad or image as a call to action. That way, once a person clicks on your ad, they are immediately drawn to taking action by clicking on the banner ad or image.

  • Links—When writing information about a particular home for sale, you want to keep the ad simple and to the point. Provide an individual with detailed information by including a link. After clicking the link, the person gains more insight into the property and has the opportunity to view interior and exterior photos.

  • Call to Action—One of the most important things in making your Craig’s List advertisements more effective involves providing people with a final call to action. After drawing interested buyers and sellers in with a compelling headline, get them to click through via a banner ad or image, and then provide them with information in the form of a link, by encouraging them to take one final step toward becoming an actual client.

When creating an effective Craig’s List ad for your real estate business, consider using a proven formula consisting of the following:

  • Never list a price, since the lack generates curiosity

  • Remember to be innovative when creating the headline

  • Offer potential clients a call to action

  • Add a photo of the property

  • Include a link where a person can get more information and photos, and perhaps take a virtual tour

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