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More than ever before, it is critical to have a commercial real estate plan. Whether you’re working with an established team on marketing efforts or have limited resources, trying to identify a highly effective marketing plan for your real estate business can be difficult. When dealing with different marketing strategies, you may be spread so thin that focus on the core goal is lost.

This is why you need to be completely aware of key methods, those that send the right message to a targeted audience. As a result, you will see an increase in traffic and a higher conversion rate. A strong commercial real estate marketing plan helps maximize profit potential.

  • Good Preparation—To create a great marketing plan you need to be prepared. For starters, you need to know who the targeted audience is, but also what your marketing budget is, how marketing activities will be allocated, who your top competitors are—as well as their marketing strategies—and ways in which your real estate business is unique.

  • High-End Marketing Tools—You will also need to create high-quality images for both online and offline marketing, an identity and brand for each property, and a key message that convinces people that your property is better than others.

  • Offline Marketing—Although online marketing is critical to the success of your real estate business, make sure your plan includes offline efforts as well. In this case, you need high-end print material such as flyers, portfolios, and brochures. You can also use strategies like window/display signage and attending various broker events.

  • Online Marketing—It is critical that you establish a highly visible online presence. To accomplish this, you can use attention-grabbing digital brochures, have a professional, customized website designed and developed, use outreach marketing techniques that get the attention of investors, developers, buyers, and sellers, incorporate email campaigns, send out online press releases, and make appropriate updates to your website. Remember, by engaging with visitors to your site with a news section, listing section, or personal and business blogs, you show personality behind the brand, thereby creating a strong connection. In addition, make sure that you use different social media platforms and make your website mobile-friendly.

  • Tracking and Measuring Results—Another key part of a successful marketing plan is the ability to track and measure results. Unless you know how your business is doing, there is no opportunity to make necessary changes. When using metrics, consider brand impressions, leads generated, and website visits. You also need reporting functionality that shows the results of your marketing initiatives. Using something like Google Analytics will go a long way toward making your marketing plan highly effective.

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