In an effort to expand our reach we have been networking with fellow cre web developers, who are members of theBrokerList, to share blog posts and help all of us to stay on top of what innovation is out there. It is our pleasure to have shared an article with the guys at TheSquareFoot and they have in turn shared the below with us! These guys are out of Houston, but hope to expand to other markets someday as well. Enjoy!
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Article Contributed by: Justin Lee, Founder of

Just like everything else in the world, more and more businesses are looking online when it is time to sign a lease for space.  Whether it is a new business seeking commercial space for rent for the first time or an existing business interested in moving, expanding or downsizing, the first instinct of many decision makers is to use the one resource that the entire world uses for everything else consumer related: the internet.

To add some perspective, TheSquareFoot’s research reveals that there are over 300,000 unique monthly Google searches related to commercial real estate leasing in its home base of Houston, Texas.  That is a lot of businesses looking for space, whether it be office, retail, or industrial and they are starving for educational materials and ultimately the ability to discover the best path for their individual business’ space needs.

While most tenant brokers and landlord agents spend countless hours cold calling and networking, there is a massive captive audience of prospective tenants online who are looking for space.  The problem for brokers and landlords is how to qualify AND find them and then discover how educated these prospects are on what they are looking for, who the players are, and what to expect from the space search process as a whole?  Do they even know that tenant brokers exist and are essentially market experts who get paid by the landlord?

TheSquareFoot aims to polish these prospective tenants by providing them with educational materials, like the Tenant Leasopedia (which is basically a Leasing 101 guide) and TheSquareFoot blogboth of which outline the entire process of getting into office, retail, or warehouse space from first locating a broker, to signing on the dotted line, to ultimately getting situated in great space. Tenants who might not know exactly what to look for in terms of building class, office layout, amenities, etc. can become much more qualified prospects after spending just a little time on TheSquareFoot.  Show us a broker or landlord who would not appreciate that!

Landlords and brokers tell us all the time that the worst part of their jobs is chasing down tenants and then having to educate them.  TheSquareFoot aims to solve both of those problems.

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