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Yes, I am so ashamed to admit it, but I was a CRE Tech virgin. I had not had the chance to attend a CRE // Tech event until now! Now that I live in Las Vegas, it was a no-brainer for me to jump in the car with my amazing husband and go on a neat mini road trip to Los Angeles. I knew that there were so many people I wanted to meet in real life (#IRL) and I was determined to make sure that I did.

Mad Greek Cafe – Baker, California

Our road trip was filled with sites and food you can only find on this road! Yes, we stopped at the Mad Greek Cafe which is literally an authentic Greek restaurant with every delectable item imaginable, including the amazing Greek desserts. The views are always amazing to me coming from the midwest, including the gigantic solar farm and the beautiful mountain scenery and desert vistas.

But once in Los Angeles I was just bubbling with excitement to meet so many people that I feel like I work with day in and day out, but have never met. The CRE // Tech people I got to rub elbows with include, in order by appearance:

Nina Steiner (Bailes & Associates – Icon of tenant representation in Los Angeles and someone gracious and kind and an excellent mentor to anyone starting out in that market. I connected her with Christina and hope they become lifelong pals.)

Christina Perez (EGA Commercial – Amazing networker and driven broker who is going to make it big. Christina is a natural. She is also a fan of Digsy AI.)

Andrew Bermudez (Digsy AI – Met Andrew before, but want to give him a shout out. Love Andrew and his humor and admire his passion.)

Kateri Osborne (The News Funnel, etal. – Powerhouse event guru and nicest person around.)

Howard F. Kline (Howard F. Kline Law and host of CRERadio.com – Have met Howard so many times, but call him Uncle Howard when he is not looking and enjoy him so much.)

Michael Beckerman (The News Funnel, etal. – Thought I knew him all my life. Such a wonderful soul.)

Duke Long (Duke Long – Gave him a hug, even though he did not seem to want it! He is much more handsome than his famous sunglass photo lets on.)

Ian Whitman (Rosano Partners – Biggest surprise as I sat down next to him and did not know it until we looked at each other in shock! How fun to finally meet Ian who has been such a huge supporter of tBL!)

Jeremy Neuer (CBRE Capital Markets – So sweet and kind and thrilled to finally meet him.)

Max Crowley (Uber – Chicago born native and superstar at Uber, employee #26. So generous and kind and down to earth.)

Mario Torres (Toferman – Los Angeles real estate broker with an eye to multi-family. Great conversation and warm person.)

Jason Kahn (Ten-X Commercial – Director of Special Situations and so enthusiastic about what Ten-X is doing. I am pumped up.)

Lindsay Baker (Comfy – Yes, you heard that right, Comfy! Lindsay is a sweetheart in all ways and is a super smart scientist too! Wow, she can whip a building’s hvac into shape for you in no time flat! Love to meet female startup founders!)

Jack Buck ( RE Meter – Another Chicago pal and mover and shaker doing some amazing stuff for those leasing commercial real estate! Think credit checks for commercial tenants. Have met Jack before and he is a real gentleman and very driven.)

Pierce Neinken (AirBnB – Finally after so many phone calls and emails and organizing efforts, I met Pierce. Fabulously kind and cares tremendously about CRE // Tech, heck it is his baby too! So glad to finally get that reunion to happen.

Kateri, Linda and Michael

Business Cards are Still Relevant!

If I met you and you did not give me a business card, you are out of luck. My brain cannot retain it all. I know I met many more people and shook hands and viewed the various companies in attendance, but if I did not get your card it will be impossible for my to pull that out of my cobwebs of my mind. I truly apologize to you if I met you and failed to list you. Please call to refresh my memory and I will update this post!

But the bottom line is that it was worth the road trip and offered an outstanding educational opportunity to listen to the speakers and tour the space with an icon of the industry Lewis Horne of CBRE. Lewis was the host and a dynamo. Very driven to make the CBRE workplace the office of the future.

CBRE Offices of the future, hosted the event.

Topics and Speakers

The main focus or theme was around the future of transportation with speakers focused quite a bit on driverless cars and the changes occurring in retail. Those are the 2 big hot topics du jour! With Uber as a speaker they spoke of the Uber Enterprise platform which is a genius idea for companies looking to organize and streamline the need to move their employees around and have accountability.

Overall the entire event was very eye opening to me as I really did not realize how close to reality some of this “future” talk is. And some of it is really here already.

Big thanks to the CRE // Tech Los Angeles team for putting together a great event.

CRE // Tech New York

Now for the best part of the blog! You have to consider attending CRE // Tech New York on December 7th. Now that the west coast has gotten a taste of these amazing events, it is time you east coasters jump on board. To register to attend this incredibly affordable opportunity to learn and mingle click here.

CRE // Tech New York City

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