Do not say you did not get the memo! Here is the memo—-

TO:     ALL
Commercial Real Estate Brokers
Property Managers
Leasing Agents
Marketing Directors
Property Owners, etal.

the Internet, but mainly Google

Your Real Estate aka URL/Domain/Website/Blog

For the tenth billion time, SEARCH IS BIG, BIG BUSINESS. If you cannot be found when someone does a search, that is not good for your business.

Your online URL, profile, blog, website, listings, properties, space available, facility, or whatever is YOUR real estate, MUST have an online presence to be found by (drum roll here) your customers, tenants, clients, owners, whatever you call them these days!

Every single person that joins theBrokerList gets a URL. Wow, that is a HUGE, GIANT, MASSIVE gift. Do not look a gift horse in the mouth. If you do nothing else in the world online to increase your SEO (search engine optimization, fancy term for promote the heck out of it!), at least have one single URL that leads to your blog, website, listings, properties, etal.

When there is a search you want to be found.

Start to look at your own habits. When you search how many times do you go beyond page 1 of the search results?

Start a diary or log if you do not believe us. I would imagine, you rarely go beyond it. That is the entire point here.

Now, take your FREE URL and add some good content, photo, logo and even have fun with it! Link every single site to your profile, company and properties.

Stop hiding. Work smart, not hard.

Please be advised that you have now received the “Memo” from the internet.


~theBrokerList Team

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