Twitter is so powerful and effective for business, yet there are so many commercial real estate professionals and companies not yet using this free service. I guess it is similar to the days of old when the fax machine was new and not everyone had one!! (Scary) Of course, for those using Twitter, we know it is not really free, because our time is money, and as per Mashable, it can be quite daunting. However, if you have an online profile, blog, listings, or managed properties, you MUST use Twitter to help you drive traffic to your online content and respond to customer needs.

Here is our CRE 10 Commandments of Twitter

I. Secure a Twitter site and do all possible to coordinate the name with your brand. (example – @theBrokerList)

II. Create a great Twitter image for your profile that is distinctive and compliments your brand or image. If it is your site, your headshot is an excellent Twitter image to utilize.

III. Add the URL to your digital content in your Twitter profile. People need to dig deeper than the Twitter profile to know what you are about. How can folks take any action without being able to find YOU? Your theBrokerList URL is a good start as ALL of your digital content should be visible on your profile.

IV. All professional digital content you create needs to be posted via your Twitter site. Post a HAVE or WANT, push to your Twitter and tweet about it.

V. Once you are familiar with the manual functions of Twitter, consider expanding to automation of some aspects of using Twitter tools such as SocialOOmph, TweetDeck, HootSuite, FollowFridayHelper, ManageFlitter, etc.


VI. Do not use Twitter tools that completely automate all you do. Twitter works most effectively like an email tool, whereby you are personal, responsive, friendly, cordial and generous to those reaching out to you. You do have to create a personal touch to your communication, while at the same time automating the mundane tasks.

VII. Follow people back that follow you! (Caution, not rude or crude or inappropriate people, of course!)

VIII. Mention those that follow you when appropriate, like on #FollowFriday! A great day of the week for tweets as it is the day to really share out those that give back.

IX. ReTweet what is relevant or of interest to your followers. That is the entire premise of Twitter. Sharing news, information, alerts, or whatever it is you retweet.

X. Thank people just as you would in any business environment. Use class and decency and be nice! Spread the love and goodwill every chance you get.

Questions, tweet us @theBrokerList, email us or call us at 312.212.3611. We are here to help you navigate this new world we are all entering!!


~theBrokerList Team

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