In 2013 we rolled out a feature for our members to easily share their HAVE posts using some awesome HTML Code set up to work with CraigsList as well as any other system that accepts HTML, such as WordPress.

Of course, Murphy’s Law kicked in and after our time spent on developing this feature, CraigsList pulled the plug on certain features of HTML for their sites. HTML enabled a great way to pull your awesome images and content from your HAVE post directly into a CraigsList post and now they only permit text.

CraigsList NEW Policy

craigslist   about   help   html in craigslist postings   details

So in an effort to recover from this change to CraigsList we have now created an additional option for those who wish to post to CraigsList. The new feature is labeled inside your HAVE post menu and is now labeled as CraigsList Embed code.

CraigsList Embed Code Option 1 (No Images)


To use CraigsList see the below steps to find the CraigsList Type and Category for commercial real estate. It is not user-friendly so we wanted you to see these steps and screenshots!

CraigsList Type – Step 1

chicago craigslist   choose type

CraigsList Category – Step 2

chicago craigslist   choose category

What this means is that we now have 2 HTML options for our members to use HTML embed code for use in other applications, like WordPress or any places you wish to post a HAVE where HTML images are accepted!

Embed Code Option 2 (Images)


If this is totally confusing, please tweet, email or call us for clarification! Hope you enjoy this new feature.

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