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Emails are one of the preferred communication channels of our time. This is attested by the fact that the average working professional receives 121 emails a day. Email marketing also has 2 times higher ROI than networking, cold calls, or even trade shows, according to Marketing Sherpa. It follows that the first impression created by the subject line will determine if the prospect will open the cold call email to read its content or discard it.

A recent survey by MailChimp revealed that a subject line with 28-39 characters had the highest click rate in a study of 200 million emails, thus emphasizing the need to create attractive and precise subject lines.

Here are 5 compelling email subject lines that will ignite your prospect’s enthusiasm and drive them to find out the contents:

“[Mutual connection] recommended I get in touch” or “[Name] referred me to you”

Referrals are gold in sales; resourceful and very influential. Referred prospects are said to have a 50% close rate. If you have a common acquaintance with the prospect, be sure to mention their name in your subject line.  Referrals “warm” the relationship between the prospect and the rep and the higher the trust levels between the prospect and the referrer, the higher the likelihood of a click-through.

“Question about [goal]”

Curiosity killed the cat; that is common. The secret sauce never shared is that it also opens emails. Questions provoke answers. Humans are naturally curious and this leads them to investigate uncertainties as they are quite unsettling. Conversely, clearing uncertainties is said to be mentally satisfying. Thus this subject line will provoke a prospect to open the cold call email to find it out.

“I hope all is well”

This line is said to get so many open rates from decision-makers. It stands out from the self-centered approach employed by a number of reps. It is refreshing and demonstrates genuine concern for the recipient. The primary reason for its success rate is that it focuses on building relationships from the beginning instead of an immediate transaction.

“[Name], we can help you [goal]”

Nothing gives a prospect a sense of ownership than having their name in the subject line. It symbolizes a personal touch and emphasizes that the message is just for the prospect. This works because people love to be called by their names and respond very positively to this call.


Yeah, you read it very correctly. A study of 6.4 million emails at HubSpot sales revealed that cold call email with blank subject lines are 8% more opened compared to those with written subject lines. If it’s becoming challenging to write a great subject line, just send a blank subject line once in awhile.

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