Photo by Kristina Konen

Camelback Tower, Scottsdale, Arizona

The 10th floor space located at 6900 East Camelback Road, Scottsdale, Arizona (Camelback Tower) was originally built to serve one purpose; support the weight of the 11th floor penthouse pool with I-beams in the floor and to house the mechanical equipment. Several years ago the pool was removed and as the space was unfinished, it was used for storage.

Though the space was in rough condition it had a great redeeming feature; the ceiling height is nearly 18 inches higher than the rest of the suites on the 10th floor. The result is an unmatched view of the Papago Buttes, Old Town Scottsdale, and the rising Tempe skyline. This vantage point has been admired by many current tenants as well as prospective tenants.  It was decided by the building ownership that plans would move forward to re-capture this space.



10th Floor Before Renovation

The challenge:

Since its previous function was to support the penthouse pool it had an unleveled concrete floor, was unconditioned, and unlit. Through meticulous design and engineering the floor was re-leveled by nearly 5 inches, HVAC was brought to the space, and electrical was run to add lighting. The total square footage of the suite is ± 2,100 and was designed with an open office concept which includes exposed ceilings, stained concrete floors, exposed round air duct, and ultra-efficient lighting. The space has been leased to a marketing firm who have added their creative touches by adding Lexan ® panel interior walls and a sliding barn-door style partition.

This space is a testament to what vision, creativity, and engineering can accomplish.

– By Jonathan Collins, Assistant Property Manager, GPE Management Services – Phoenix, Arizona

Before Photo by Jonathan Collins, Assistant Property Manager, GPE Management Services
After Photos by Kristina Konen, Director of Marketing, GPE Companies


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