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Learn How to Develop Commercial Real Estate Like a Boss

Bob Wehrmeyer is a Texas attorney, experienced commercial real estate developer and adjunct professor at the University of Texas in San Antonio, who knows how to develop commercial real estate. Everything in Texas is big and Bob did it big with his book “The Complete Guide to Developing Commercial Real Estate, The Who, What, Where, […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokers Guide to Printing Impactful Business Cards

Business cards are the smallest, but often times most important, piece of marketing collateral commercial real estate brokers have at their disposal. It not only visually defines a level of competency and professionalism; it reminds people why they should hire you. The following are 5 things all commercial real estate Brokers should pay attention to […]


Why Forming Separate LLC for Each Property is Best Option How to Protect It

Why? Forming Separate LLC for Each Property Picture this scenario – A person walks by your property, trips over the curb, then proceeds to sue you for all your possessions, even though it wasn’t your fault. This is the property owner’s worst nightmare. The most common option for asset protection is forming separate C-Corporations or […]