Cannabis Real Estate

Many times a property owner or cannabis business proprietor, will use a friend who works in residential brokerage or specializes in a different commercial property to list their building, this is a mistake to not use a cannabis specialist. If the deal goes south friendships can end because of a business transaction and most of the time they do not have the network or expertise to properly market and bring the transaction to a close because of the nuances of commercial real estate and the experience they have in that particular property type.

Specialization Matters

A broker who works in the cannabis real estate segment of commercial real estate has built a network of qualified buyers and tenants in that field. They have the tools, expertise and ability to get the deal closed faster and more efficiently. They will know the market and how to correctly identify the price of lease or sale so that the deal doesn’t sit for months without any traction. The cannabis specialist will have a list of qualified buyers with the money and track record to have an easy transaction. You will not be tied up in a deal for months only to find out that the tenant/buyer was a waste of time and cannot perform. A well-established cannabis specialist will be familiar with the rule and regulations regarding cannabis property and the licensing process. They will be able to protect both the buyer and the tenant in the transaction so that all parties feel safe and the deal closes.

When you hire a lawyer or go to the doctor you find someone who specializes in that field. This same sentiment is important in a cannabis related property transaction. Just as you would not hire a lawyer who specializes in criminal cases when you need real estate advice you should not hire a broker who sells homes or does restaurant leasing if the property is zoned for cannabis and that is the buyer or tenant you are looking for.

When you work with a cannabis specialist the deal that can be difficult will be met with the know how to close the transaction. Do yourself a favor and work with the specialist so you will have a person with the know how to get the top dollar and quickest transaction for your property sale.

At Rosano Partners we have a team of dedicated cannabis specialists who can facilitate your deal and bring the best possible outcomes. We use a proprietary formula to evaluate the property and give a realistic sale or lease price so that the buyer or tenant can understand the value of the property.

Photography courtesy of: Drew Taylor

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