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Ask Nancy


“With so many buyers vying for quality single tenant properties, what advice do you have so that I can be put at the top of the list over other buyers?” 
 Rich in Brooklyn, NY


That is a great question! Three things are making it more difficult for single tenant buyers to be the “bride” and not the “bridesmaid!”

First, there is limited supply of good single tenant properties. 

Second, REIT’s are in the market and are increasing pressure on availability due to their bulk buying power. 

Third, there is an abundance of 1031 investors who are willing to pay lower cap rates due to the short supply of single tenant properties. The result of all of this – Sellers realize that they can be more picky! Here are some tips to increase the likelihood that you will be selected as the “bride” and not the “bridesmaid”!

  • Ensure that your offer is all cash even if you intend to do financing. Sellers view financing as risky and will choose cash buyers over those doing financing.
  • Keep your due diligence timeframes as tight as possible and closing as quick as possible. Sellers will sometimes take a lower offer and quicker closing.
  • Demonstrate your financial capability to close in the form of liquidity to purchase the property while demonstrating your experience as a net lease property owner. Sellers do not want to waste time with unqualified buyers.
  • Work with an experienced net lease broker who can articulate your capabilities over another buyer. We represent net lease buyers every day and can increase your likelihood of being the “bride!” Happy Hunting!  Nancy

Email YOUR SINGLE TENANT NET LEASE QUESTIONS to Nancy. She will answer them individually or publish the answer in an upcoming newsletter, leaving you anonymous!

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Nancy is President of the Net Lease Investment Group at Bull Realty. This is an excerpt from her October STNL Newsletter
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