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Thank you for your participation in the original project called theBrokerList which was a simple WordPress site. Now the new theBrokerList site is getting ready to launch in its new permanent home. Because you were one of the original users of the site, we are asking you to re enter your data, photos and logos today. Also, for those early adopters, there was a change made to the site today that has unfortunately created the need for all users of the site to re enter their information; for this we are so very sorry, but we believe the extra effort is worth it. Heck, it is free!! Expand your reach, increase your SEO and join us as we pull together in numbers to be found in online search. Grab your unique URL today, especially those with more common names.

We are reaching out to our early adopter, pre-launch folks first, to ask them to join our project again so we have you, your firm and your profiles ready to go at the time we launch publicly!

We want as many cre smiling faces at the ready when we launch theBrokerList site!! Your contribution to our commercial real estate database project is so appreciated. If you have already received this call to action via a LinkedIn Group or a personal email or Google+, we apologize for the redundancy. To check your profile is in tact, simply go to theBrokerList and search for your last name on the home page. If your profile is not there, simply join and set up a new profile. There is no charge to use the site. If you are a LinkedIn user, simply log in with LinkedIn and eliminate the headache of another user name and password to remember.

Our original purpose remains the same: get the cre (commercial real estate) folks all under one roof. By sharing our profiles in a vetted database, you will no longer need to purchase, maintain or update your inhouse b2b mailing lists. This will be a consolidated effort to create an industry-wide standard of communication free of spam and large file attachments, while at the same time giving everyone a powerful way to get links from our site to your sites (unlimited URLs can be attached to your profile) to provide you with traffic and exposure to you, your company your client sites and/or your blog.

Hope you join us. Click here to join us. If you already set up a profile we are so sorry to ask you again, but we appreciate your contribution so very much.

Thank you,

Linda Day (Harrison), CPM, CCIM

Founder of

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