Brokers for Kids LogoSunny, inviting Arizona – a home that guarantees warmth, growth, and plenty of room for success – and yet, many of the bright and gifted youth it houses are denied access to these invaluable amenities that are necessary for growth into healthy and self-sustaining adults. For many, a bright future is so close and yet access to a wholesome environment is just out of reach.Recent research has shown that children in Arizona are more likely to be poor, uninsured and part of a family whose home has been foreclosed than most American kids1. So just beyond the comfort of our own homes, are children dimmed by the pain of neglect, shadowed by the walls of a broken home or left to wander the streets alone with no hand to lead them on the path to adulthood.

This concept is likely unfamiliar to those of us who are unaware of the neglect and poverty happening all around us and yet we may feel as hopeless as these kids without a way to change their circumstances – but wait, there are ways to help! Brokers For Kids has raised more than $3,000,000 total for abused and/or homeless children who require assistance for basic needs as well as the promise of a brighter future. Contributions to this fundraiser can ensure that this program continues to shape tomorrow’s business leaders!


Brokers for Kids is a group affiliated with Scottsdale 20-30 comprised of brokers from various real estate companies throughout the valley who actively raise money to support Boys Hope Girls Hope Charity. Brokers for Kids hosts an annual event where teams of real estate brokers from each company compete in games to raise money including basketball, volleyball, dodge ball, and bocce ball.


The program funds items such as Scholarships, Books, Counseling, Medical Appointments and provides Mentors, Tutors, Sports Fees and Music Camps. Children who do not have a place to call home are placed in a home where they are provided with a bed, clothes, and meals from qualified “house parents”. Children and teens who live at home with a low income family can benefit from community based programs that provide extracurricular activities and education. These programs ensure that the kids are led to success all the way through to college, providing them with a secure foundation on which to build their future. Most importantly, these kids are highly motivated to change their circumstances and achieve success despite a lack of exposure to a better life. By providing everything from shelter to education, these children are given the tools to succeed on their own for the rest of their lives.

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“Give a child a meal and feed them for a day. Educate a child and sustain them for a lifetime.”


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Become a Sponsor: There are several sponsorship opportunities! Display your companies’ banner at the Annual Brokers for Kids Olympiad for 400+ attendees to see! To see a complete list of packages click the link below. You can purchase the packages online by clicking the link below, choosing  a sponsorship, selecting buy now and completing the requested information. Once you have filled out the form be sure to enter “DeRito” as your Referrer.


If you have any questions regarding how you can help, please contact one of the De Rito Partners’ Team Captains, Elena Lozano or Robert McKnight, by calling 480-834-8500.


1) The Arizona Republic – Arizona kids worse than most in poverty, health, foreclosure

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