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Opposed to articles that tend to be longer and somewhat more formal, blogs are short, casual, and personalized. Often, blogs are written on a first-person basis, which works great for making a good connection with the readers. For real estate, blogs are highly effective for boosting sales, as long as they are written correctly.

Whether trying to build a real estate business from the ground up or boost slow sales for an existing business, the client base has to be strong. In addition to word-of-mouth and referrals, which are important marketing strategies, other options have to be used. For example, blogs work great when marketing real estate.

The great thing about blogs is that they can be written about virtually anything that has to do with the real estate market. In other words, blogs can be written about an agent or broker’s experience, different loan options, tips on finding the perfect property, how to save on closing costs, the value of home inspections, specific commercial buildings or residential communities, and the list goes on.

When written correctly, blogs are not only loaded with helpful information but they put the agent or broker in a position of being someone of authority, an expert who truly knows the industry and can be a huge help. The key is to keep blogs relatively short, focused, diverse, and always grammatically correct.

With blogs, an agent or broker has the opportunity to build a strong referral network. In real estate, referrals are everything. In fact, there are numerous real estate firms that get more than 80 percent of their annual business directly from referrals so using blogs for building referrals is crucial. The more helpful and useful the information written about the better chance the blog will be shared.

Of course, along with writing blogs posted on the website, an agent or broker can also share blogs using social media sites. On Twitter, blogs can be shared as links whereas on Facebook, an actual business page can be created and blogs posted. It is important to use multiple vehicles for blogs. In other words, all social media sites should be considered, as well as independent yet relevant blog websites.

Another way that blogs can help boost real estate sales is with a guest blogger. When an agent or broker has a guest blogger post on the website, it has a special effect. For this, a guest blogger should only post about once a month. This person needs to be someone well-known and respected in the real estate industry. Not only is the information of incredible value, the guest blogger also gives credit to the agent or broker by posting on that person’s website.

For one reason or another, many real estate professionals fail to use the internet to its full advantage. As stated, it is important to have a great website but beyond this, well-written blogs are critical. Blogs will increase traffic to the website, build better rapport with both potential and existing buyers and sellers, and optimize content that people find useful.

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