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When you blog about the right topics and offer readers with well-thought-out content, you establish yourself as a person of authority. In readers’ eyes, you are the expert they can depend on. Although blogging is not rocket science, producing exceptional material is a form of art. By following the checklist provided, you have the opportunity to become a real estate star, someone who others in the industry, as well as buyers and sellers, admire and respect.

  • Headline Writing – For starters, the headline or title used in your blog needs to make a quick impression. Based on the title alone, an individual will decide whether to click into your blog or move on. To avoid having your blogs passed over, make sure your headline is compelling and enticing without being misleading.
  • Rants – Blogs are a direct reflection of you, so they always need to be positive. Although there is nothing wrong in writing about both sides of a real estate topic, you want to avoid “stirring the pot,” so to speak. Your blogs are not the right platform for airing grievances.
  • Set a Pace – To be a successful real estate blogger, you will need to dedicate time to providing readers with ongoing content. Unless you post new content on a regular basis, you will lose some of the audience. However, because blogging is an ongoing process, it is just as important to pace yourself. Going too fast will cause you to burn out and compromise your quality of work.
  • Interesting Topics – Any blog you write needs to be useful and helpful, but you also want to provide readers with interesting topics. Think about things that your clients have an interest in, are concerned about, feel challenged with, or want to achieve, and then create blog content accordingly.
  • Hot Topics – If you need fresh ideas, you can always look to see what other real estate bloggers are writing about, since there often are several hot topics. Of course, you want to put your own spin on content, but because the topics are hot, you know they are what readers are interested in.
  • Personal Information – To make connections and build relationships with current and potential clients, you have to open up about yourself. You can share a little about your family, hobbies, recent trips, and, of course, your expertise in and passion for real estate.
  • More than Blogging – While blogging is a great foundation on which to build, you need to include other things to achieve success. For example, you can also post photographs, videos, infographics, guest blogs, and more.
  • Stay Focused – You need to remain focused on the purpose of blogging, which is to create trusting relationships. Even if you enjoy every blog you write, remember this is a tool for building a strong business. You want readers to come back repeatedly but also spread the word about your real estate blogs. Things like friendships, SEO, traffic, lead generation, community, fun, and so on are all byproducts of blogging, not the primary focus.

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