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How to Become a Blog Contributor

How to Blog With Us

If you are a product or service and wish to advertise, please learn more by emailing [email protected] for more information. Also, click this link to get more information about advertising with us and syndicating your blog with us.

If you are a commercial real estate broker or brokerage, continue reading here. So for our commercial real estate broker members just remember, blogging is easy, but getting readership is the tough part. Here at theBrokerList we offer our members a few ways to share their articles. But to blog with our community, your company MUST be a member of theBrokerList. There is no cost for our verified broker members to blog with us.

Step 1 – Verify your company is a member. Just search here to see if your office and team are signed up. If your company is not a member, you must set your office up as a free broker member of our site and get involved, simply return this Upload Template and we can get the “onboarding” underway.

Step 2 – So you know you are a member theBrokerList so please complete this form to start the process.

Step 3 – Once you are set up as a member we will then work on setting up the authorship profile for you and you can then submit your first blogs for review.

To begin blogging with we will be asking you for examples of your work on our Apply to Blog With Us form. If you are new to blogging, please reach out to us for a planning call before you start your first blog.

If you have any questions or need more help, we can set up a convenient time and day to chat. Call us at 312-212-3611 to leave a message or email us here.

Our blogging guidelines are below for your review.

Pre Requisite and What You Can Expect

Must be a Member

Whether you are a Seasoned Blogger or New to Blogging, we have an option for you! We first need to ensure you are a VERIFIED member of To join, visit If you are already a member, great! We are so glad to have you in our community.

Seasoned Blogger

  1. We ask that anyone new to our community demonstrate their past writing by sending us your blog URL for review or links to guest blogs you have written on other sites. Submit your request to blog with us here. 

Beginner Blogger

If you do not have a blog at this time, this is a great exercise for you and one of the most valuable lessons you will endeavor to learn how to blog using the best practices for today’s successful bloggers.

  1. We ask that anyone new to blogging provide 3 absolutely 100% original blogs to be published on our site prior to us onboarding you as a regular contributor. Submit the blogs to us at [email protected] and we will complete a thorough review based on our General Guidelines & Requirements. We do this because there is a significant amount of time we spend setting people up. If they are not serious it just wastes everybody’s time. Blogging is a time commitment so we ask for these blogs to ensure you are serious. If you have guest blogged, proceed to fill out this form indicating where you have guest blogged and we can review those articles.

General Guidelines & Requirements

  • Republishing – theBrokerList regularly shares blog content that has previously been published on other blogs. We have a specific process that prevents us from being penalized for SEO or plagiarism. If you are interested in sharing the blog content that has already been published on your website, to our tBL audience, then you will be able to simply provide us with your RSS URL and we will review your blog and confirm that we can onboard that blog to our community. These guidelines are designed for those who wish to publish original content to our website, and not first publishing it to any other website.


  • Originality – The content you share must be absolutely 100% original.
    • Attribution – You may only include data, general information or images from other sources, in your article if you give the original source clear attribution in the body of your submitted content.
    • Plagiarism – We occasionally run submitted blog content through plagiarism checker software. This is done to maintain high quality and originality. If we discover plagiarized content being submitted as original content, we will reject the content and all future blog requests from the same individual. We take plagiarism very seriously and appreciate the cooperation of all our blog contributors.
  • Content – As a commercial real estate (CRE) news source, we publish a wide variety of content. The most commonly approved content includes CRE articles that focus on:
    • Past, current, or future CRE trends
    • Helpful or informative content, written to either help CRE professionals, sellers, lessors, or buyers
  • Self-Promotion – We are not opposed to our blog contributors promoting their products or services. The only restriction we have is that the submitted content provides a clear value to our readers. If submitted blog content doesn’t provide value to our brokers and other readers, then it will likely be rejected for being too promotional.
  • Requirements – We have a high standard for our content and will not accept content that requires extensive editing from our staff. If the submitted content covers a topic that is relevant to our readership, and it includes the following items, it will most likely be published on our blog. If the content does not meet the following requirements we will ask the author to make the needed corrections and resubmit their content.
    • Title
    • Headers
    • Image(s) [Attribution free]
    • 500-1,500 words in length
    • Submitted as a Word document or HTML in a text document
    • Content provides clear value to the readership
  • Example – If you would like to see an example of how to write a good blog post, please read Four Tips on How to Write a Good Blog Post, by Joshua Lyons.

There are many different opinions on the topic of guest blogging vs. syndication. We are currently offering both options. Here is a fabulous blog, entitled, How to Become a Columnist: Guest Blogging vs. Syndication that explains the pros and cons of each. For your benefit, we strongly suggest you read this article and make the best decision for your brand. You do not have to have your own blog to blog with us, but we give you both options.

Blog Display on your Profile

If you are currently a member of theBrokerList – you can also add your existing blog RSS feed to syndicate the content from your blog to also appear on your profile page.  This process is optimal for many reasons:

  • Better SEO for your blog.  Your syndicated content will be automatically labeled with the content source, including a link back to your blog.
  • Automatic.  Add it once to your profile and posts are displayed on your pages giving your additional exposure for your content.

How to enter your RSS blog url into your profiles
The blog url field is located on BOTH your personal profile menu and your company. If you are a Team Blogger, you would want to enter the RSS Feed on your company page. If you are an individual blogger, we suggest adding the URL on your profile. It is up to you, we will grab it either way.

If you are an Advertiser in our Marketplace, you also have an RSS Feed box on your page which enables you to display your blog posts on your page as well so be sure to add your RSS URL in ALL places on your profile, including the special RSS feed field box.  

For those who write content for our blog, we thank you so much.  Your guest blog posts serve the entire tBL community and will be featured prominently on our blog with a linked credit.  Please continue to submit this content as you have previously done or by emailing it to [email protected] for inclusion.

Thanks to everyone for their continued participation.  We are committed to constantly improving tBL for our members and the larger community and believe this process will allow us to do so.  If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Beth Anne Grib
Beth Anne Grib
21:03 07 Dec 20
The Broker List is a tremendous network of Commercial Real Estate professionals, all thanks to the labor of love by... Linda Day Harrison, a CRE guru in her own right. The support and "build each other up together" examples in action are so very much appreciated in this challenging industry. The Broker List is a great resource to any person in the Commercial Real Estate industry, whether in management, marketing or sales. As a member of their site, you will immediately find lots of helpful tools at your fingertips and helpful staff to assist you with any questions that you may have. They also have a great affiliate network of an abundance of valuable resources for your more
George Kruse
George Kruse
22:29 13 Mar 19
theBrokerList does more for agents in commercial real estate than any other company. Linda and her team truly care... about their community and actively promote everyone daily. If you’re in CRE and not engaging with them you are massively missing out!read more
Barbi Reuter
Barbi Reuter
23:50 28 Feb 19
Linda and the Broker List are an important network and resource for our industry!
Melissa Swader
Melissa Swader
19:47 10 Jan 19
The Broker List is so AWESOME!!! Linda Day Harrison is exceptional and one of the biggest CRE tech influencers of our... time. Their platform is amazing and every broker should be enrolled with the Broker List. Highly recommended!read more
Sudha Thakur
Sudha Thakur
12:17 08 Jan 19
The best, the greatest, the most renowned..Linda is excellent at what she does..the BrokerList is a must for Commercial... Real Estate (CRE) Professionals. It is the first and one of a kind Online Commercial Real Estate Broker List for CRE more
Danielle Haney
Danielle Haney
21:01 07 Jan 19
The BrokerList is the best resource and exposure to industry professionals in commercial real estate. Their... collaborative connections assisting brokers and marketers alike is second to none. With their online presence and their commitment to offering outstanding services well beyond a deal, you can be sure that your online profile, listings, blog, or prospects will be seen and heard to build new relationships for you and your more
Michelle Peterlin
Michelle Peterlin
12:27 20 Aug 16
theBrokerList is the 1st online CRE Broker list for the Commerial Real Estate Industry, and was created by Linda Day... Harrison. I am so proud of her accomplishments and all the people that have helped her, and continue to support and help her. If you need anything, she is on top of it 24/7 and does not stop. Customers are her #1 Priorityread more
Bob Rein
Bob Rein
14:55 18 Aug 16
Once I decided I needed to create a blog, I was lost trying to figure out how to do it but also how to do it in the... most comprehensive way. Linda, was a tremendous asset. She guided me through the process step by step, helped me structure my blog posts, suggested structuring techniques and showed me all the ins and outs to get the maximum exposure for my blog. The proof...I received numerous compliments and then received many followers and likes. Great support and great business more
Kymn Harp
Kymn Harp
21:03 16 Aug 16
theBrokerList is an invaluable resource for the commercial real estate community. I thoroughly enjoy the informational... blog posts on theBrokerList Blog, and enjoy regular interaction with other commercial real estate professionals. Although I am not a broker, but rather a commercial real estate attorney, I find the quantity and quality of relevant information available at theBrokerList a huge more
Mark Chase
Mark Chase
20:59 16 Aug 16
I have been using theBrokerList for the past few years. Linda and her team go above and beyond in every possible way to... help out no matter what requests I may have. I receive leads from all over the country and theBrokerList is my go to source to find brokers that can assist with my out of state needs. If you work in commercial real estate you need more
Josh Lyons
Josh Lyons
15:19 18 Feb 16
I discovered thtBrokerList about a year ago, and have been very pleased with the value they provide to the commercial... real estate community. They do all they can to help brokers around the United States, and will bend over backwards to accommodate your needs. They give so much for free, and I have personally seen multiple brokers in my area benefit from being a part of theBrokerList. I wish them the best success, and if you're a commercial broker, I HIGHLY recommend you visit their website and take advantage of all they have to offer!read more
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