BLOG Commentary 5/21/2014: It is now over 3 years ago since this blog was written and our full site launched in October 2011. This blog was written on the original wordpress site that started theBrokerList in 2010. I find it amazing to look back on how much has not really changed with respect to how our industry still needs to embrace the concept of online marketing!

As a commercial real estate (CRE) broker, or any business, for that matter; you cannot leave a stone unturned in the area of promotion. When someone searches for you on the internet, they need to find you. There are a multitude of places, your clients or the general public, need to find you and your listings. The following is a short list of those places. Any CRE broker serious about being focused on the commercial real estate industry, needs to consider this top ten list. This is the most basic list and is just a starting point.

1. Secure your name as a domain and across all social media sites. Use NameChecklist to find out if your name is available. Once done, reserve your name as a domain name at sites like Once you have the domain name you can set up a WordPress site/blog. Use that as your personal calling card.
2. Secure the same name you select as your domain for your site.
3. Create a Facebook account for yourself and a Facebook Page for your business using the same name.
4. Get invited to Set up a profile and your posts from twitter will feed to this site too.You can share your blog articles through CREOpoint and join CRE groups as well as meet new people from around the globe in the CRE industry. If you want an invite, talk to your colleagues and find out who belongs and ask them to send you an invite link.
5. Develop a profile at LinkedIn and be sure to use this as your ‘go to’ resume. Ask as many folks you have worked with over the years to provide you with a recommendation for this profile as well.
6. Set up an ezine article account and write some articles to be published. Focus on your experiences and expertise. There are so few CRE brokers who document their tremendously educational transactions and deals. We all learn so much from our lessons. Remember, the articles you write for your blog can simply be used as ezine articles too.
7.  Get a FREE online email account, like GMail, hotmail, yahoo and organize your email to tie into all of your personal promotional endeavors. Many of us work for large corporations, however, you must also maintain your own following as it is all about YOU and your accomplishments that get hired in so many cases.
8. Create a Google Profile.
9. Add yourself and your firm to sites like theBrokerList. (The goal is to get links back to your blog and YOU! Gain exposure where folks will look!!)
10. Automate as much as possible using FREE and powerful tools like SocialOomph, TweetDeck, Hootsuite, to name a few, to manage your day-to-day twitter activity.

Do not ignore the power of the internet when it comes to YOUR personal branding and promotion of YOU! The most important thing to remember is that promoting YOU is promoting your listings and bringing traffic to your clients. If your clients cannot find you, how on earth do you expect them to find your listings! Show your clients what a good marketer you are. Is that not what we are supposed to be so very good at?


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