Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

First of all, we want to define B2B and B2C for our industry.

B2B Commercial Real Estate – Doing business with fellow brokers, managers, leasing agents. In other words cooperating with each other. Cross-over marketing is another example. I am a property management firm in Chicago and I manage multi-family communities. You are a broker who specializes in selling multi-family communities. I need to know who you are as I need to be a resource to my clients. That is B2B, for example. Or I am a broker and I only do investment sales and my clients want a leasing agent referral. Or I am in one geography and my client needs service in another geography. The list of examples goes on and on. If you do not agree with this, please speak up.

B2C Commercial Real Estate – Doing business with the end-user or occupant or building owner or legal entity that owns the real estate.

So now that we have defined these terms, what do we do about it?

Basically, our entire industry and methods of marketing are changing and we have to deal with it. We no longer do outreach to each other (B2B) behind closed doors. Everything you do, print, say or video or blog about is now out there. Listings, blogs, emails, tweets, comments, are available for the world to see. That is your marketing for both B2B and B2C. Think about that.

So now that we know that both B2B and B2C is done simultaneously, think about how to craft your message and how to make sure your message is heard and found online. It is that simple.

I really do not care what method you use, but you had better use a method that works. So you do not believe Twitter works or you hate Facebook. That is fine too. However, and I repeat, so long as you are doing something. For instance, do you have a website? Are you using an email address that is from your own website domain or are you still using yahoo or hotmail or worse There are many out there and yes, they are great people and professionals, but they have to understand how that image is perceived. Today an owner of a property is not that tech savvy and they do not know that you are a dinosaur, however, as we all age, things are changing rapidly. The generations are changing. If you are in the 30-40 something bracket you need to start caring.

The older generations can ride it out. They are doing business with the other older generation so they can all walk out together and move forward. However, those coming up in ranks at companies and other industries are going to care. It is vital that you understand some basics and not ignore or laugh off using on-line tools to do outreach.

When someone on the B2B side wants to know how you are communicating (on their behalf) to the B2C side, you need to start caring. It is transparent today and you cannot hide from it any longer.

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