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Buildings, Blueprints and Lawsuits: Architectural Copyright Protections and Liabilities

As we slowly slip out of the realm of recession and into the thought of recovery and new construction, developers are beginning to think about new buildings and design. Architects are about to see their business expand and are being asked to design new buildings with origination and flair… or just copy what has already been done.

Avoid Building Design Lawsuits

Really, are we in the real estate business to express our individuality and artistic flair or are we doing this to make money? It may be both, but there is no denying that after years of cutting back costs just to survive, who really wants to spend a bunch of money on original design? Let’s just cut the cost and tell the architect to copy some other building. Sounds like a good idea, no? Well maybe not, and copying building designs may cost you far more than you imagined.

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