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I am committed to pairing you to the perfect commercial real estate asset. From the individual searching for a first investment property to organizations looking for space for lease. Although I have expertise in other assets, Cannabis property is currently my sole focus in commercial real estate. I have a background in multifamily investments and healthcare property and have worked with UCLA and other prominent healthcare providers. Having been involved with over 4 million square feet of properties through sale, acquisition, leasing, property due diligence and consulting. I can help you find the right property for you. If you are looking for commercial real estate, let’s talk. A proud veteran, I served in the United States Navy. I have attended UCLA for entrepreneurial studies. and USC Marshall where I earned my Masters in Business. Connect with me: 213-802-0330 [email protected]
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Cannabis Licensing in LA: Where are We at 6 months after Legalization?

Starting in June 2018, the Office of Cannabis Management will coordinate with licensed dispensaries and associated public education to campaign on how to find legally operating retail storefronts.  June would mark the start of an emblem program that would help to identify stores operating within the confines of the legal system. Though a step in […]


Why Work With a Cannabis Specialist on Your Next Cannabis Real Estate Project?

Cannabis Real Estate Many times a property owner or cannabis business proprietor, will use a friend who works in residential brokerage or specializes in a different commercial property to list their building, this is a mistake to not use a cannabis specialist. If the deal goes south friendships can end because of a business transaction […]


Greener Pastures: Medical Marijuana Approved in Long Beach California

On November 8th, 2016 citizens of Long Beach voted on and approved medical marijuana businesses. Measure MM granted approval of up to 32 medical marijuana dispensaries. Included in the measure were buffer zones from educational institutes, public amenities like beaches and parks as well as other dispensaries. Additionally, the approval also allowed delivery, manufacturing, cultivation, […]


What is a Recession Proof Investment?

Recession Proof Investment Growing up my grandfather always said “Michael, if you want a stable career go into healthcare, people will always get sick and need care”. I took this to heart as a child and years later in my thirties I find myself in a career where healthcare is my specialty. What my grandfather said was […]


Mob Mentality: Why Invest in the Medical Office Building Segment of #CRE?

A MOB or Medical Office Building is a property in which healthcare tenants reside.  More and more investors are looking to cash in on the steady and reliable returns from this property type. With healthcare professionals occupying these buildings you find creditworthy tenants with leases typically running 10 years and who consistently draw foot traffic […]


Loan Preapproval Insures Success as First Step to Open Medical Practice

As a commercial real estate broker, who specializes in healthcare and medical practices, I want to share with you why I believe obtaining a loan preappoval is a pivotal step to open medical practice. Besides finding a commercial agent that specializes in healthcare, the most important step to is not finding the office space, but […]


Letter of Intent or LOI Defined

What does LOI mean, besides being an acronym? LOI is an abbreviation you will hear in different business’s and can mean different things relative to the industry in which it is being used. In regards to commercial real estate LOI stands for “letter of intent“. It is used during the initial stages of a transaction. […]


Top 5 Difficulties Facing Doctors Looking for Real Estate

With anyone looking for space, in any industry, there are key issues that can make or break the decision and doctors looking for real estate, is no exception. With medical there are specific issues to evaluate at the onset and one must be ready to understand how each of these impact the final outcome of […]


Opening New Medical Practice: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

When opening your new medical practice, these are the top 5 mistakes we have seen and some practical ways to avoid making them. Opening a new medical practice is a start up. There are so many tips and tricks you can search for to help guide you. A business is a business and these 5 […]

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