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Hugh has over fifteen (15) years legal/telecom experience, including representing AT&T as an attorney for over ten (10) years in that company’s acquisition and disposition of telecommunication sits across North America and abroad. Hugh is the founder and president of Vertical Consultants a telecommunications consulting firm. Vertical Consultants specializes in assisting property owners optimize the value of any proposed or existing cell tower or rooftop lease.

Cell Tower Development – How Are Cell Tower Locations Selected?

The process of cell tower site selection is a topic that produces the most inquiries from property owners across the nation. Securing cell tower locations is the result of a cell phone carrier working with their internal engineering staff to satisfy specific needs that company has in certain locations throughout the country. The engineering aspect is classified as “Radio […]


Cell Site Termination: What Are Your Client’s Options?

I have been contacted by numerous property owners who have received possible termination notifications from their telecom tenants or third party rent optimization companies working on these tenants’ behalf. These companies will often indicate the property owner’s cell tower or rooftop lease has been marked for termination due to many market and industry factors.   As […]


New Cell Tower Lease: What Is a Property Owner’s Bargaining Power?

Hugh Odom Vertical-Consultants tBL Marketplace Partner  Knowing your client’s balance of power within a new cell tower lease transaction and negotiations is extremely advantageous.  It is imperative that you and your client immediately establish bargaining power when your client is asked by a telecom company or tower developer to place their equipment on his or […]


Cell Tower Lease Buyouts: What You and Your Client Should Know

Hugh Odom Vertical-Consultants tBL Marketplace Partner  If your client currently leases ground space for a cell tower or rooftop space for similar antenna telecom equipment then they have, more than likely, been contacted by a private company looking to buy their telecom lease.  Companies like Unison, Communication Capital Group and AP Wireless and others are […]


Rooftop Lease & Site Review: Hidden Value Could Be Right Above You

Hugh Odom Vertical-Consultants tBL Marketplace Partner  Cell phone carriers often push the limits of their lease related to occupancy and use of rooftop space.  Unfortunately, most building owners do not have the time or industry knowledge to thoroughly review what the carriers have installed not only on their rooftop, but inside their building as well. […]


Cell Tower Rent: What Every CRE Pro Should Know!

We are pleased to introduce a new tBL Marketplace Partner, Hugh Odom of Vertical-Consultants. We felt our site truly needed an expert like Hugh to help our members and their clients with all of the difficult questions associated with dealing with telecom companies and the issues related to cell towers! Now we have Hugh Odom […]

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