Building Blocks CRE, Marketing Team (3)

Chris Barbieri, Building Blocks CRE - As a founder and CEO of company, I wear more hats than is practical to list in a description, so let me highlight a few. Innovator, salesman, problem solver, marketing guru, marketing student, pitchman, fundraiser, designer, programmer, occasionally the guy driving the wrong way down a one way street, customer support expert, efficiency expert, process architect, cheerleader, evangelist, entrepreneur, financial modeler, quality controller and last but not least cheerleader. Follow me on Twitter @blockscre

Does the CRE Industry Provide Excellent Customer Service?

Do Monopolies Have Better Customer Service Than The CRE Industry? Are We Ripe For a Disruptive Technology? How many clients do you know, who have ever expressed their dissatisfaction with the process of buying or leasing a property? Does that mean we are setting ourselves up for a disruptive solution that turns our industry on […]


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Commercial Brokerage

EVER WONDER IF YOUR BROKER WAS GOOD, BAD OR UGLY? I was working with a client last week to understand and quantify their purchase requirement for an industrial property and God willing get a commission. This requirement is really tough in our market, a building with a little extra land for equipment and vehicle storage. […]


Going Mobile for CRE: iPad, Android or Etch-A-Sketch®?

This is one of the most asked questions I get from brokers, when I talk about going mobile. “What type of tablet should I get?” My answer currently is an iPad hands down. I am going to duck for a few seconds and let the bricks and fan boy arguments go sailing past my head. […]

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