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Every Friday, I’ll be sharing three of my favorite apps for Commercial Real Estate people on the go (and other) professionals. From organization to communication, these tools can increase your efficiency and productivity. Feel free to provide feedback or share some of your favorites.

What? I really have to initial all 74 of these pen and ink changes in quadruplicate? Not anymore!



I’m an Apple guy, but this time, Microsoft has done it right. Especially since they recently made their Office Lens app available for iOS users. With Office Lens, you can take pics of documents with your mobile device and convert them into editable Word documents in seconds. Great for lease signings and closings. Now if you find a minor error in the paperwork, you can snap a pic of the page with the app, edit it in Word on your phone, and email or reprint it on the spot. It’s also great for capturing whiteboard and other notes and converting them to OneNote, Powerpoint, PDF or other formats.



Augmented Reality (AR) is basically the overlay of interactive digital media on top of actual objects (print media, buildings, etc.) You download the app, look through your mobile device’s camera at an object, and a secondary action occurs. Take Layar for example: Your customer aims their phone at your (previously boring) postcard mailer and it magically plays a 360-degree property tour video. Another customer aims their phone at your “For Sale” sign and it automatically displays the flyer, which they can download. Or use SnapShop to show customers what furniture will look like in an empty office space. The possibilities are endless. This webinar does a great job of explaining several excellent uses of AR in Real Estate advertising. Think it’s just a novelty? It may be. But do you want to be the only one who isn’t implementing it in your marketing strategy?

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