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Apps for Commercial Real Estate People on the Go

Every Friday, I’ll be sharing three of my favorite apps for Commercial Real Estate on the go (and other) professionals. From organization to communication, these tools can increase your efficiency and productivity. Feel free to provide feedback or share some of your favorites.


1 Sidekick

The thing I love most is sending an email and receiving no response whatsoever. Not, “Thanks, I’ll get back to you soon” or “Sorry, I’m not interested.” Even a simple, “NO” would be fine. Yes, I need closure. Did they receive the email at all? Did it end up in their junk folder? Is their email address no longer valid? Did they roll their eyes and delete it without reading? Well, now you can find out (without help from the NSA.) The Sidekick app tracks most emails and tells you exactly who opened them, when they opened them, and from where. “Oh really? That’s funny. You opened and read my email on Thursday at 10:23am.” Stunned silence ensues…


2 MileIQ

Hate getting audited by the IRS? Drive a lot for work? You’re in good company. Fortunately, there’s MileIQ.  This app uses your phone’s GPS feature to keep track of your mileage, and allows you to categorize your travel as either business or personal with just a quick swipe. Save frequently-visited locations, make notes on each trip, and export your data at tax time. It even keeps track of how much you’ve “earned” based on the standard mileage rate.


3 FullContact CardReader

If you have so many business cards you would qualify for an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive, it could be that you have problem. Liberate yourself. With the FullContact CardReader app, you can easily convert your stacks of cards into useful contact information with the press of a button. Simply photograph the front (and back if it has one) of any business card and the app (read: an army of data entry specialists) transcribes all the information. You can set your preferences to automatically sync the contact information to more than 250 apps including LinkedIn, Outlook, Gmail and Salesforce. Remember, if you haven’t seen it in six months, get rid of it.

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