As a career long commercial real estate professional, one of the number one rules is to get to know your neighbors. Often times, your neighbor is your next client or buyer or seller or help when you need it. The same holds true for websites. Websites have neighbors and every single day, theBrokerList team is meeting new neighbors who offer tremendous opportunities to help us spread the word about our project to help us grow theBrokerList.

The other day, we met Trudy Smit, President of, one of our new neighbors. is a matchmaker of sorts in that it enables the matching of mortgage brokers to potential clients in need of funding. Potential clients apply online and mortgage brokers review the loan submission, similar to a matchmaking site.  The concept of the site is that mortgage brokers will pay a monthly subscription to join the site and be able to review potential loan applicant submissions and this will also be a clearinghouse for notes to be bought and sold as well. seems super easy to navigate and it has some awesome graphics too! Trudy is our new neighbor and friend so if you know a mortgage broker, send them to Trudy. Your friendly mortgage broker will really appreciate knowing about this great tool. Also, it is a great resource if you have a client looking for financing. Just let the client visit, at no cost, and they can apply for a loan and meet potential lenders for their next project.

We wish Trudy and her team at much luck with their beta and launch.

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