The Millennial Takeover

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I am a twenty two year old college student in Chicago working part time, with a plan to learn about business, technology and commercial real estate, with the hopes of enhancing my college education. All of this is necessary to pay the bills!

When I began working with theBrokerList about a year ago, (my aunt is the Founder!) I had no prior knowledge or experience with the topic of commercial real estate, technology or even business. In addition, I have never really worked with, or for, a baby boomer! I am just like every other millennial starting from the beginning not having a clue what to expect. I have no idea if my “edu-reer” (fancy for education-career) would pay off! Also, it is a part-time job so I am not really knowing what to expect I might learn about commercial real estate or learn from a baby boomer.

Now a year has gone by and I can say that the “edu-reer” has proven rather fruitful. Although I have learned so much, I still have so much more to learn and I am quickly realizing that this is the tip of the iceberg. To date, the knowledge I have gained has opened my mind to new ideas and has given me a better understanding of how the business world works and how it relates to commercial real estate, the importance of technology and what it really means to “grow a business.” Learning and working with a baby boomer has been extremely enriching as well. Remember, I had no clue what to expect from a bunch of commercial real estate people and a whole bunch of people who are not in my generation!

The more I learn, the more opportunities arise for me to meet people through theBrokerList, which is a giant bonus for me and not something I even considered when starting my “edu-reer.” The way I see it now, the more people I am talking with and listening to, the more I am a snowball going down the mountain of experience, gaining even more knowledge about the Commercial Real Estate business, technology and the power of outreach and networking.

Case in point. One of the huge perks of working for theBrokerList is that I was able to take my very first business trip! My company actually invited me to meet members of theBrokerList in Southern California! How cool is that? Now, on top of that, I met, face to face with tBL members Allen Buchanan of Lee & Associates, Chris Barbieri of Building Block CRE, and Howard Kline; the host of CRE Radio. I may have gotten a pHD in networking as I sat and sipped on my Starbucks with this awesome crowd of CRE icons!

Up until this point I had only taken part in various conference calls or support calls virtually! It sure was a good change to finally have a meeting in person, with actual tBLers, because it really gives you the chance to get to know the people you meet online. I also learned really quickly from this meeting that you never know what to expect when you are in a room full of tBLers. You must always be prepared for anything!

At the beginning of the meeting I thought we were just going to be talking, and as the meeting ended, I was recruited as the camera woman for an episode of Allen Buchanan’s world-famous YouTube show “Tuesday Traffic Tips.” Allen directed Episode #29 and assembled the cast, but Allen actually handed me his iPad and gave me instructions on how he wanted the video shot! Talk about pressure! Who would have thought that this day of sunshine and Starbucks would have erupted into a marketing video for a tBL member? I can tell you as a millennial, do not under estimate these generations before you, they are hard-working and inspiring!

Even though I am new to this business and really have no idea what I am doing, I know that I am learning and everything I am taught will be something I can use in all aspects of my life. In other words, I am being a sponge! I think the most important thing we can think about for ourselves is after the long work day is over is “What did I learn?” Even if it does not seem profound, like impromptu video production or networking, take note of what you have learned. From where I am sitting, I say you still gained more knowledge today than you knew yesterday AND if you keep note of that thought, later on you will realize how much you have actually learned from your exposure to commercial real estate, technology and business.


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