Struggling to pay for your health insurance? Flexible benefits may be an option for you!

If you are paying for your own health insurance and finding it difficult to afford, or if you have avoided purchasing insurance because of the cost, there may be a more palatable solution that you can consider.

Insurance companies have come to the market with new products, often referred to as “fixed benefit insurance” that are highly rated and are an alternative to the high cost/high deductible traditional plans and will provide you and your family with sufficient coverage. Benefits are paid as a set cash amount for each covered medical event. Depending on the plan and the options available to you, this set cash amount may be paid to you or directly to your provider.

Beside cost what are some of the advantages to fixed benefit insurance?

• There are no deductibles.
• Applying is simple and easy and typically take less than 30 minutes.
• Underwriting is less stringent compared to traditional plans. Various pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or being overweight that are typically declined, with traditional insurance, are acceptable with fixed benefit plans.

Fixed benefit plans are not for everybody so it is important to discuss your options with a health insurance expert. If you would like to learn more I recommend the following article.

Resource: Fixed Benefit Insurance Article

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