Last week, we partnered up with theBrokerList to create an informative webinar to help commercial real estate brokers find more leads and close more deals.

Andrew Bermudez, CEO and Co-Founder of Digsy AI, and co-host Linda Day Harrison, Founder of theBrokerList, explain 7 tactics that will help you double your commercial real estate deals within a month!

Here are the tactics:
  1. Getting Callbacks from Voicemail
  2. Generating Business through Referrals
  3. Finding Lead Referrals from theBrokerList’s Features
  4. Using Social Media to find Hot Leads
  5. Searching Job Boards for Prospective Clients
  6. Getting More Listings with theBrokerList’s  “Wants” Directory
  7. Creative Methods that other Brokers don’t generally use to find hot leads

Check out the full webinar here:

Download the Webinar Presentation Slides by clicking the following link –

At the end of the presentation, Andrew offers an eBook download.  Claim the Instant Download here.

About Digsy AI:

Digsy AI is a ridiculously simple prospecting assistant that focuses on quickly and efficiently converting prospects into active clients. In just a few short clicks, you can make phone calls, send emails, and set follow up dates all from one central place. Supercharge your sales team and improve your deal flow with Digsy AI.

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