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  1. The Real Estate Game – This is a very good review of the real estate investment cycle.  The author covers a variety of topics and relates them to some of the of the deals made by well-known moguls.  It’s a little old (1999) but the principles and stories are timeless.  I’m reading it right now for a second time, and I rarely read books twice (it’s good).
  2. Influence-   You’ve got to sell, negotiate, and persuade people to adopt your ideas every single day.  This is one of the best I’ve read on the subject.
  3. The Industries of The Future – A very good prediction of the future of work based on current trends.  It helps readers understand the technologies and industries of the future and how those changes can impact a variety of areas in our economy.  Similar good ones are The Second Machine Age and The Inevitable (I have not read these 2 yet).
  4. Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur – An interesting set of stories and examples of real estate deals that a successful real estate investor has done.  It’s not for the beginner nor is it a how-to book.  It will give you examples of how to think outside the box to get deals done.
  5. The E-Myth Revisited – This is a great book on how to get from being run by your business to running your business the right way. I read it in college for an entrepreneurship class, but I have referenced it many times throughout my career.  Real estate is tough to scale, but we can learn from the principles of delegation and teamwork.
  6. The Intelligent Entrepreneur – The author relates startup stories from three very smart entrepreneurs who overcame tough situations by coming up with creative solutions.  Despite not having anything to do with real estate, the business and entrepreneurship principles are very transferable to anyone looking to innovate in real estate.
  7. The Obstacle is the Way – It covers how Marcus Aurelius, Steve Jobs, and others led by incorporating principles of stoicism.  Anyone who works in a stressful environment would benefit from the timeless teachings of the stoics.  This book and it’s concepts have recently been adopted by some big time NFL coaches (Patriots & Seahawks) and players who deal with adversity and high levels of stress.

It’s not really a book but I highly recommend it.

The 5 Minute Journal – This simple journal is a great way to stay positive and reflect on what we are proud of.  It’s also a way to set goals and hold ourselves accountable.   I’ve been using it for some time now and it’s very beneficial despite requiring very minimal effort.

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