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6 CRM Features You Need To Be Successful

All commercial real estate CRMs (customer relationship managers) are not created equal. The more modern all-in-one solutions help you get more done within one application. The goal is help you manage all of your client data, activity and communications most effectively. A CRM can be a tremendous resource that will help you grow your client base and increase productivity over time.

Here are six powerful CRM features you need to be successful and operate at peak efficiency.

Manage Listings Company Wide

ClientLook makes it easy to track your firm’s listings. In fact it’s the easiest way to create your own proprietary commercial real estate database. You can even publish your listings within the public online marketplace CommercialSearch as well as on your company’s website. ClientLook’s Virtual Assistant team can even handle all the data entry for you. What could be easier than that?

Integrate With Other CRE Software

Connectivity is power, and ClientLook is one of the most integrated technology tools in our industry. It’s easy to get connected with other commercial real estate software such as CommercialSearch, Buildout, RPR, Xceligent, TheAnalyst Pro, MailChimp and even Google. There’s no simpler way to combine your CRM with all of the power and convenience of these other CRE apps and services.

Track Your Sales

Using ClientLook, you can track every deal-related call, meeting, email and offer easily and efficiently. Everything can be organized by “assignment”, which could be a listing, requirement, etc. You can monitor every stage of a transaction and track your pipeline. This feature will allow you to improve your sales process for future deals.

Send Reports To Clients

Win more business by offering a differentiating level of client communication. If you’re still sending clients a traditional market report, then this is the perfect feature for you. Utilize ClientLook’s fully integrated collaborative war room to allow clients the ability to access real-time intelligence related to everything you’d like to share with them.

Work On the Go Using Any Device

You can take your business with you wherever you go using ClientLook’s mobile capabilities. You can access files and information on any device and operating system, as well as through the ClientLook iPhone App. You can even sync to Google. You can better serve your clients when you have the ability to work from virtually anywhere. You are no longer limited to working only when in the office – now you can address timely tasks immediately.

Take Advantage of Having a Virtual Assistant

Did you know ClientLook is the only commercial real estate CRM software that offers a free team of Virtual Assistants that are always available to handle your requests?. These virtual assistants do everything from handling online lead capture, data entry and even listing administration so that you can focus on closing more deals and giving your full attention to your clients.

Are you ready to see how ClientLook’s CRM can transform your real estate business? We are offering a free 21-day trial for you to use and experience each of our features and to see firsthand how it improves your business. It only takes a minute to sign up. Contact us with any questions you may have.

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