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//?# is considered one of the giants of the CRM software industry and has been providing businesses with sales tools since 1999. It is mostly for medium and large sized businesses, and some of the features of the software include multi-platform compatibility. API and customization are included along with Salesforce reporting and analytics tools. Pricing for Salesforce CRM start around $25 per month for a basic package and go up to $300 per month. Although Salesforce is a leading competitor, there are many CRM alternatives to Salesforce on the market today.

Here are five popular alternatives for your consideration:


Zoho offers $12 to $100 per month packages which include features like a web interface, iOS, and Android app functionality. The software includes a customer knowledge base, however, reporting and analytics are limited. API varies by package level but customization is also available.


Designed for small to medium businesses, this CRM software ranges from $10 to $75 a month. Additionally, the software includes customization, open API, reporting and analytics along with a knowledge base and customer support. Its platforms are the web, iOS, and android.


A simple to use interface and newcomer to the CRM software industry, Solve 360 is for freelancers and small businesses. Prices range from $39 per month to $149 per month depending on the number of users. Integrations include MailChimp and Constant Contact. Features include reporting, task templates, a mobile app to sync client information to your incoming calls and email linking.


Prices for Contactually reflect its varying adaptable uses. For instance, $19.99 per month per user up to $99.99 per month per user for the Enterprise edition. Contact management is a specialty of Contactually and features are geared toward communications. The software analyzes your moves to help you create daily tasks to make keeping in touch with customers faster and easier.


Capsule provides good API and the standard CRM features such as contact management, email organization, history tracking, sales and task management. It integrates with other software including MailChimp, Wufo, Free Agent and Freshbooks. The free platform includes up to two users and 250 contacts with 10MB storage. The premium package is $12 per month per user and includes support for up to 50,000 contacts and 2GB of storage per user.

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