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For real estate, blogging is a powerful tool. If you are interested in blogging but you need fresh ideas, the following will help.

Through blogs, you provide readers with information that is useful and/or helpful. To share information that solves problems, start by setting specific goals of what you want your blogs to accomplish. By choosing the right topics, your reader base will grow substantially, which in turn will have a positive impact on your real estate business.

  1. Local Events Within Your Area – An online search will reveal an array of upcoming events to share with readers. This type of blog helps solidify relationships.
  1. Housing Trends – A blog such as this will be of interest to current and potential homeowners, as well as investors
  1. Under-Market-Price Properties – Create a blog that focuses solely on underpriced homes currently on the market. This will be an especially great resource for first-time homebuyers.
  1. Activities of Interest – To help people settle into a new community or show potential buyers what a community has to offer, write a blog that covers things like best restaurants, parks and recreational areas, golf facilities, favorite coffee shops, nightlife and entertainment opportunities, and so on.
  1. Buyers/Sellers Questions – A blog that answers commonly asked questions from real estate buyers and sellers is always well-received.
  1. New Construction – You can also reach people interested in building. Typically, there are numerous questions pertaining to building, so this is your chance to become the authority.
  1. Mortgage News – People interested in real estate often stay up-to-date on mortgage news. As part of this, offer readers information about current trends, interest rate updates, new mortgage programs, and other related news.
  1. Personal Credentials – With blogging, you have the opportunity to introduce yourself to millions of people. Therefore, write a blog about your history, education, training, and experience in real estate, letting readers know what makes you a top choice.
  1. Listings – Blogs are also a great way to tell people about your current listings for the commercial, industrial, or residential market.
  1. Open Houses – Just like listings, you can use blog content to let readers know about various open houses.
  1. Price Reductions
  2. Specific Local Business
  3. Luxury Properties
  4. Property Taxes
  5. Best Valued Properties
  6. Local Education
  7. Transportation Options
  8. Local Crime
  9. Investors Questions
  10. Real Estate Specialists
  11. Foreclosures
  12. Kids’ Activities
  13. Health and Lifestyle
  14. Renting versus Buying
  15. Home Features (View, Swimming Pool, Fireplace, Outdoor Kitchen)
  16. Testimonials
  17. Your Office Staff
  18. Your Areas of Expertise
  19. Client Interviews
  20. Real Estate Technology

By creating great content, you have the ability to reach a larger audience. In blogs, you always want to reveal some of your personality so readers feel a quick connection. At The News Funnel, you can post both personal and business blogs as well as gain access to a wealth of real estate-related news and information. 

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