I recently attended a networking event and at the conclusion of the event, our team will do a take-away chat about what we gained from attending or what we learned. Although I prefer to always look at the glass half full and focus on the positive, our team actually experienced a few of these shocking networking no-no’s that we thought to share with you.

Do Not Attend an Event without Hand-out Material (Business card, pen, scrap piece of paper with scribbled name)

1. Even if you are super poor and cannot afford a business card, at least make a home made one-page hand-out or type up your Linkedin URL or theBrokerList profile URL on a piece of paper and offer that as a way for people to connect with you.

You Never Know Who You Are Speaking To or Who They Know…

2. When speaking to anyone, never ask them why they should speak to you or what can you do for me? That is not appropriate under any condition. The rule of networking is to meet people and make connections, offer to help them, even if the person you may be speaking to is not a potential customer. Do not forget you are there to network and you may learn something from them or they may have a referral or future connection for you.

Never Turn Down a Contact Who Wants to Learn More…

3. If you are in business, you need to know your company website address and be ready to offer that to anyone you meet. Today providing a website is like handing out a digital brochure. It is the best way for someone to follow up with you or learn more about your product or company. Do not say you are not sure what your website is or that you do not have one. Be sure you know your company’s URL before you attend a networking event. Yes, we still meet people who do not have their URL or social media on materials, such as business cards! So at least memorize it.

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