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Bisnow hosted its very first Inaugural Women Leading Real Estate Awards featuring their inaugural class of Austin Trailblazers including Beck-Reit’s very own DeLea Becker. These accomplished women discussed everything from previous careers, recessions, and attempting to maintain a work-life balance.

See What DeLea took away from this phenomenal event!

Do Hard Work

  • Do something that scares you.

  • Opportunity comes in form of work that you don’t always have all the tools in the tool box to do

  • Don’t let it scares

  • Hard Work trumps intelligence – can out work the smart people in the room and rise to the top in the end

  • Only 2% Of women own commercial real estate – get in, the water is fine.


  • Markets change drastically

  • Stop worrying- opportunities are out there

  • Prospect  

  • You know, the other thing that happens in recessions is it becomes less crowded

  • And it was actually like, thank goodness we needed a little check and the people who can make a difference and work hard and make some smart decisions and get through things are going to come out in a different place.

  • You have more ability to add value when you can work a little bit harder or smarter or think differently. And so, you know, any of the opportunities that we have and then whatever the kind of coming future is of everything not going.

  • You have to have a growth mindset. You have to look at it like, okay, it’s normal to feel this way, to be a little scared. It’s normal to not know. People hate uncertainty. We all want to know everything, um, and ahead of time, right? So I think number one, you have to know, it’s so normal to feel a little scared, but don’t let that fear drive you.

  • Let that fear be kind of your motivation in the sense of, okay, I had this opportunity to make myself better, to work harder, learn your market. I always wanted to know more than everybody else that was sitting at the table so that I would feel like I could contribute something. Work on yourself. Work on the idea that, um, everything’s attainable.

  • If your phone stops ringing, you’re in a recession, um, educate yourself. Here is the most incredible thing for us. You can educate yourself with YouTube. YouTube, Good lord, TikTok. I mean, it is amazing the content that is out there. Um, watch it, learn it Now. Figure out who’s actually putting out good content.

  • You don’t wanna learn things that are not correct. That would be bad. Um, whenever I started in 2012, we had our offices in East Austin and, um, I looked around. There weren’t, uh, many commercial brokers in East Austin, if any. They weren’t, they weren’t the big brokerages for sure. So I spent 18 months. I looked at everything on LoopNet.

  • Opportunity usually costs time or money. Wouldn’t it be great if you’re poised and ready to pounce? Cuz you’ve got both, right? So if you’re making money, cuz we all have in 2020. 2020, even 21, 22. , save some of it. Be ready cuz opportunity is coming and know your market, but don’t be afraid to look outside of the market.

Get out there and set meetings

Great time to make good choices

Make yourself known


CRE is Steep Learning Curve

  • Achieve Success with help along the way

  • Take you to meetings, intro you to clients

  • Even someone you can reach out to and guide you along.

  • Mentor each other

  • Call someone, everyone is FLATTERED to be asked.

  • Call and tell them you admire where they are and would like to spend some time with you

ADVICE – Working Parents – Work | Life Balance

  • Incorporate Work into family

-on vacation go look at buildings

  • Don’t compare yourself to other parents

-don’t have to make cookies- go buy them and put in tupperware like you baked them

  • Talk to your kids, let them know the family dynamic, give them budgets

  • Pick times to do quality time with them – Football Games, Skiing, Wakeboarding – not everyday needs to be filled with Quality Time

  • Know you only have a certain amount of time with your kids.  You don’t have to win Best Mom Awards – God made you the perfect mom for your kids.